Your Private Customer Portal

Simply the email address you used for booking your session into the box below and your Private Access link will be sent to your inbox.

PS.  Please allow a couple of moments for the appointments software to load.  All great things take time 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

Your appointment dates are simply outside the current ‘date range’.   Simply click on the ‘date range’ field (see image below) and select a range which includes your appointment date and voila!  Your appointments will appear.

To join your Zoom session you can either;

  • Join using the “Join Zoom Meeting” sent in your booking confirmation email. Or,
  • Click on the little grey arrow to the right of your booking (see image below), then join using the “Join Zoom Meeting” link.

NOTE:  The Zoom application needs be to installed prior to joining your session.  If you have not yet downloaded Zoom, please click here.  If you require assistance installing Zoom please contact Support by clicking here.

If you are unable to reschedule and/or cancel your appointment it’s because the “notice period” required to make any booking alterations has passed.

The notice period is as follows;

  • Your Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience:  7 days prior to appointment date.

Within 7 days of your appointment you will not be able to make any alterations to your booking.  We have this restriction in place as there are limited sessions available on a monthly basis and great demand.

If you have any questions related to your booking please contact Support by clicking here.