“Go Beyond Thought To Create Deep, Transformational Changes In Your Life”

…With an online ‘Breakthroughs Beyond Thought’ personalised experience!

Would You Love To…

  • Dissolve unresolved issues which may have been plaguing you for years!
  • Experience greater peace of mind.

  • Rapidly connect with your authentic Infinite Self (your true self).

  • Leave your past behind (without regret, guilt or shame).

  • Free yourself from longstanding mental or emotional issues.

  • Access your body’s innate healing power!

  • Rid yourself of self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours.

  • Transform unhealthy ‘cellular memories’ to radically change how your DNA is expressed.

  • Rewrite your destiny from a deeper sense of inner calm, courage and authentic power.

  • Accelerate your spiritual growth by ‘stepping into’ your Infinite Self.

  • Experience a deeper sense of wholeness, joy and fulfilment.

  • Start living from your ultimate power of love (instead of fear).

  • Create more meaningful, authentic connections with others.

If you’re nodding “YES” to any of the above then an online ‘Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience’ may be right for you!

I Felt My Fears Melt Away!

“Marie took me on a journey where I discovered what was holding me back in life and what emotions lay beneath my anxiety.

I found a place inside myself that was pure joy and calm.  I emerged feeling strong and confident and at peace with myself.  I felt my fears melt away.

I highly recommend Marie to anyone who is going through a difficult time or simply wants to make a deeper connection with themselves and others.  She is extremely intuitive, empathetic and understanding and makes you feel extremely safe and comforted.”

Diana • United Kingdom

How Is A Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience Different?

A Breakthroughs Beyond Thought
Experience Is…


    We do not finish this immersive experience until you experience a personal breakthrough!  The session is results-based NOT time-based.


    Although, talk-based therapies have their place, they struggle to deal with the true ‘root cause’ of our issues because they simply focus on “talking about” our conscious superficial issues.  Our ‘conscious’ struggles are merely symptoms, so trying to fix them is a complete waste of time!  You cannot stop a tree from growing by merely trimming the branches.


    Cognitive behavioural therapy is great for certain people and certain ‘vanilla-flavoured’ situations, however it’s limited! Simply because it tends to use logic or a ‘change in perspective’ to “rationalise” many of lifes’ natural emotional experiences.  We cannot change the heart by any amount of thinking.


    Hypnosis has it’s place.  However, when we attempt to simply replace one belief with another, one thought with another, it’s just like placing the right hand over the left.  We haven’t destroyed the left hand, we’ve merely covered it. Therefore, the issue can and does resurface in the future (maybe in a slightly different form).  Hypnosis does not deal with the ‘true drivers’ of behaviour/habits/thought patterns/suffering, we must go beyond thought to dissolve them.

A Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience Takes Personal Transformation To A Whole New Level!



I’ll guide you through a proven method to bypass your conscious and subconscious mind (which keeps you stuck, frustrated and constantly hitting those illusive ‘brick walls’) so you can finally tap into your Infinite Intelligence; your True Self – This is the only level at which genuine, deep, long-lasting transformation can occur! 

Transformative breakthroughs are spiritual at their core, not physical or mental.



Once you’ve connected with your true essence; your True Self, the light of your consciousness will illuminate and pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back or keeping your stuck in turmoil, suffering or a state of dis-ease.  You’ll discover what’s stopping you from unlocking your boundless, unlimited potential.



When you use proven methods that go beyond thought you’re able to rapidly dissolve any problem ‘from the roots’, ultimately freeing yourself completely from what once disturbed your energy and/or your life!

The Breakthroughs Beyond Thought experience gives you the ability to rapidly free yourself from any ‘invisible anchor’ which has been holding you back, keeping you stuck or stopping you from creating the long-lasting, authentic change you need!

The power to change your life and heal yourself across all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually lies within you (you just need to discover how to tap into it). 



After your immersive Breakthroughs Beyond Thought personalised session, you’ll begin to experience a profound sense internal healing across all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

By tapping into your Infinite Intelligence and swiftly releasing old emotional memories, self-sabotaging thought patterns and ridding yourself of all that energy-sapping ‘baggage’ that may have kept you stuck for years, you’ll naturally ‘free-up’ all that ‘stored energy’ within your system and open your Self up to the regenerative influences of Pure Infinite Consciousness.

This allows you to experience a deeper sense of overall well-being and a return to ‘wholeness’.



With this new-found revitalised energy and re-established connection to Source (Pure Consciousness), you’ll be free to live your life at your highest potential; as the truest expression of your inner self without fear or apology!

The power lies within you to transform your life from the inside out.

Are you ready to experience Breakthroughs Beyond Thought?

Experience Profound Breakthroughs!

“That ONE breakthrough experience felt more transformative than all my years of therapy put together!”

Dyan • Manchester

What Makes This Method So Different + Unique?

Now, you maybe thinking…

“I’ve tried nearly every modality on the market and they’ve all failed me in the past so what makes this one any different?!”

That’s a great question!   What makes the Breakthroughs Beyond Thought experience so different from other ‘mainstream’ methods?   And, more importantly, what gives it the power to rapidly resolve long-standing issues and create authentic, long-lasting transformation in your life when so many other methods have failed?

The 3 Major Points Of Difference:

  • You Don’t Create ‘More Thoughts’ To Solve A Problem!
    Breakthroughs Beyond Thought goes beyond the superficial mind, beyond thought and beyond the ‘false self.’

  • You Don’t Need To Painstakingly Search For Your Answers!
    The Breakthroughs Beyond Thought experience allows the light of your Infinite Intelligence; your True Self to illuminate exactly what’s holding you back!
  • You Don’t Need To Constantly “Work On” Your Issues! 
    During your Breakthroughs Beyond Thought experience any ‘invisible anchor’ brought to light is swiftly dissolved by the compassionate light of your True Self (the part of you which resides in and is always connected to Source / Infinite Intelligence / Pure Consciousness).

Unlock Your Love, Accept Yourself + Embrace Life!

“My friends, family and colleagues called me ‘Happy Heather’ as this was the way I wanted them to see me, but inside, I was very unhappy, emotional and totally stuck in a place where I blamed everyone for my situation.

In just one session… Marie showed me how to love, embrace and allow the universe to help me along the life path.”

Heather • Australia

Meet Your Trusted Guide

Hi, I’m Marie O’Neil;  Your personal guide for your customised Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience!

I’m a leading Guide and Educator in the areas of the ‘True Self’ and Pure Consciousness. I’m also an Author, Speaker and Life Transformation Coach based in the United Kingdom.

With a culmination of over two decades worth of experience, research and hard-won wisdom, I love to combine the fields of consciousness, physics, psychology, neuroscience, biochemistry, energy healing and epigenetic’s to show others what’s truly possible in their livesAnd, if you give me the honour, I’ll show you too!

During your Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience I’ll take you by the hand and gently guide you, step-by-step, through a proven process to swiftly dissolve any ‘obstacle’ currently holding you back, allowing you to release it once and for all!

Are you ready to set yourself free and live your life at your highest potential; as the truest expression of your inner self?

Your Personal Guide:

Marie O’Neil

At First I Was Sceptical!

“At first I was sceptical, I didn’t think I’d get anything from this experience but it felt right, so I thought, “what the heck, just have a go.”

I’m thankful I did, because it opened my mind and made me more aware of how deeply we bury our experiences.

Marie took me on a journey where I uncovered what I thought was such a trivial memory from over 60 years ago.  After completing my session, I felt so free and uplifted.

Then, several days after my session, I suddenly realised that the nagging pain in my leg, which had been troubling me for years, had completely disappeared.  An experience that I thought was impossible.  I would never have thought that something so trivial in my memory could manifest as physical pain in my body. Wow!

I would greatly recommend this experience and I would definitely do it again!  If you have any doubts, just go for it, it’s definitely worth it.”

Lynda • United Kingdom

Not Ready To Say “YES” To Such A Profoundly
Life-Changing Offer?

No worries!   As attractive as this offer is, I know from experience that only around 6% of the people reading this will actually respond.  Although, that’s okay with me on one level because I only have so many appointments to go around, on a another level; a more personal level, it genuinely bothers me.

You see, I know how much those who take up this offer benefit from it;  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.   I read their emails; I talk to them on the phone; I see them personally when we meet; and each year so many of them tell me that;

“That ONE breakthrough experience felt more transformative than all my years of therapy put together!”.

Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not partaking in such a life-changing experience because of some error or omission on my part.   That’s why I’ve done some brainstorming to try and figure out why you might not say “yes” to such a profoundly life-changing and transformative offer and I could think of only three possible reasons you may not go ahead with this offer.

Here they are (click on the ‘+’ sign to open):

You’re right!  As great as it sounds there MUST be a catch, right?

Here it is:

The Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience is NOT right for everyone!

A Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience is:

  • NOT for anyone looking for the next ‘magic-pill’.
  • NOT for anyone who doesn’t want to take responsibility for their own actions and choices.
  • NOT for anyone who is terrified of their emotions and/or feelings.

This is a deeply immersive transformative experience and the truth is, sometimes looking inwards isn’t always easy but it is ALWAYS DEEPLY REWARDING and that’s why the Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience is only for those willing to try something profoundly different from the mainstream to experience profoundly different results!

It’s for the souls who want deep, transformative answers to their lifes’ challenges.

If that sounds like you then, be sure to secure your Breakthroughs Beyond Thought session today to experience all the deeply-transformative benefits for yourself.

And, don’t forget…

Whilst my Irresistible Risk-Free Offer is available, you have nothing to lose except what’s holding you back!

Many of us have repetitive physical conditions, disorders or illnesses that “rear their ugly heads” every now and then, but….

Have you ever asked; “Why?”

Why do you have THAT “specific” condition and not another type?   (For example; Why thyroid issues and not kidney troubles?  Why back pain and not cardiac concerns? Why depression and not anxiety?)

And, why do you have this condition when others don’t?

Now, some would say;

  • It’s in the genes.

However, genes are merely a blueprint; a schematic of possibilities.  Genes themselves, do not determine WHICH genes are expressed.

Others would say;

  • It’s diet and exercise.
  • It’s because of negative thought processes.
  • It’s all of the above!

But, have you ever known anyone (maybe it’s your self) who has followed all the so-called ‘right things’, they eat healthy, exercise, think positive, are in peak physical condition yet they still get struck down with the likes of cancer?


What is causing a “specific” condition to manifest in your body? 

An immersive Breakthroughs Beyond Thought experience can help you uncover the answers for yourself, the ‘truth’ or ‘root cause’ behind your condition.

What is the message your Infinite Self is trying to express to you via physical symptoms?

“Several days after my session, I suddenly realised that the nagging pain in my leg, which had been troubling me for years, had completely disappeared. An experience that I thought was impossible. I would never have thought that something so trivial in my memory could manifest as physical pain in my body. Wow!”

– Lynda • United Kingdom

It’s absolutely natural to be afraid of the unknown and afraid of what this process may ‘unearth’.  I used to feel the same way too!

Many of us are also afraid that if we look within, we’ll be faced with all of our short-comings or inadequacies and that’s not a comfy thought, right?!     But, this is merely a thought, an idea we have and it’s not the Truth!

You see the reality is, any time we look within (and we do it correctly) we see ‘beyond’ our superficial inadequacies and experience our true unlimited potential, our boundless Infinite Intelligence; our True Self.

In doing so, we free ourselves from all those superficial limitations which once held us back, kept us playing small in life and love, so we can finally start to truly ‘live’ our life as the fullest and most dynamic expression of our True Self.

This is why a Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience is so powerful because it reveals the absolute truth: 

Who you THINK you are, is nothing in comparison to who you REALLY are (at the level of your Infinite Self).   

Rest assured, any conditioning, beliefs or emotional memories unearthed during this highly-transformative process is NOT who you really are.   It’s just the mental conditioning you’ve accumulated over the years.   These conditionings are merely ‘clouds veiling the truth’ of your Infinite Wisdom, your Infinite Potential and the truth of who you really are.   They are clouds blocking the unique light of your Inner Being; your Authentic Self.

Are you ready to dissolve the clouds which are veiling your true essence and blocking the unique light of your Inner Being; your Authentic Self?

Are you ready to discover the true key to ultimate health and overall well-being?

“I found a place inside myself that was pure joy and calm.  I emerged feeling strong and confident and at peace with myself.  I felt my fears melt away.”

– Dyan • Manchester

Rejuvenate Your Energy + Vitality!

“Today was such a great session and I felt energized! Thank you Marie”

Ela • Japan

Marie’s Irresistible Risk-Free Offer

I feel so passionately about this, I will personally guarantee it by taking all the ‘weight of risk’ onto my shoulders.

Which means, if you follow my advice and guidance prior to and during this immersive process and you complete your entire breakthrough experience, if you don’t feel you gained some clarity and uncovered some hidden truths to help you move forward in life, simply let me know immediately at the end of your breakthrough session and I’ll return 100% of investmentThis offer applies to the first immersive Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience only.

PS. As you can see you have nothing to lose, except what’s holding you back!

Overcome Long-Standing Obstacles With Relative Ease!

“I’m finally feeling hopeful! Today I feel I can overcome depression! Thanks so much.”

Kathryn • Australia

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