• Are you seeking personal guidance which goes beyond the superficial?
  • Are you feeling stuck and looking for a new approach to your life?
  • Are you looking for some life-changing guidance to gain clarity within the areas of your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?*

Then, be sure to secure your private consultation with Marie today.

Marie is a trusted guide for people of all walks of life.   Her approach is rooted in a culmination of over 2 decades worth of hard-won wisdom and ‘in the trenches’ experience.

PLEASE NOTE:  This session is purely ‘talk-based’ and for those simply wanting more clarity about a specific issue.   This is NOT the deeply immersive Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience which deals with the (usually unseen) ‘root cause’ of any issue.  If you would like to learn more about a Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience please click here.

*Marie O’Neil’s guidance should NEVER replace proper medical attention for matters of clinical mental or emotional health that requires consulting a qualified medical professional.